About Us




Apart from our deep-dish pizzas, we offer a wide selection of delectable Italian food from appetizers, pasta dinners, and sandwiches. No meal is complete without our desserts from Tiramisu, and Cannoli. Make sure to try some in your next visit. 

Our Story

Growing up in Chicago as a kid, the only pizza I knew was thin & crispy square cut or my all time favorite - the deep dish pizza with all the gooey cheese and delicious sauce on top, then filled with all the freshest ingredients.

10 years ago I moved to the East coast for work, only to realize that after all these years I had taken Chicago style pizza for granted.  I missed it dearly.  So I moved back and decided to not only cherish a good Chicago style pizza but to share my love of it with the rest of you.

We make our pizza with nothing but love and respect for the city where it originated, as well as the ones who made it famous before us.

Eat, enjoy, and we hope you love it as we do!